Welcome to Ambica Camphor Industries

We are one of the leading Manufacturers of Camphor Since 20 years in Andhra Pradesh, We are supplying our camphor product to the States in our Nation. The company had Ean code Facitlity, and we have also registred with trade mark as “AMBICA SHAKTHI”.

We had our inception in Andhra Pradesh, and we are now widely spread all over our Nation. Quality is our prime concern which holds us top in this field, in spite of the heavy competion from other companies. We stand unique in that, we market our products on a premium basis unlike other manufacturers who market on a credit. Thus serves one of the biggest credits to us.

We also distinguished in various other factors like size, packaging and the price of our products. About 20 to 30 varieties of sizes and shapes of camphor tablets are available. Having sophisticated machineries and state of the art production process, we are able to produce quality output satisfying the varying needs of our customers.

AMBICA CAMPHOR INDUSTRIES is one of leading suppliers of high quality camphor tablets which are made available in different compositions as per client requirement and specifications. our high quality and widely appreciated range of camphor tablets finds its utilization in various industries like pharmaceutical to use as a vital constituent in various medicines, insecticides, and devotional & worship material and in the synthesis of various laboratory chemicals.